Flipped Sunday School
Syllabus | Fall 2020

For the fall Sunday School term, we will be using a flipped classroom model. With this model, you will access the weekly learning material outside of the classroom and then when we come together for Sunday School we will use our time for discussing, questioning, and engaging the material together.

The way you will receive the material will be in the form of a 30 min podcast which will be released each week on Monday (when all goes correctly). You will have all week to listen to it, think about it, and come up with questions and insights that we will discuss when we come together on Sunday after House Church. The podcast is called Lit: a podcast dedicated to life, liturgy, and the pursuit of holiness, and it is being hosted by two Episcopal priests, Brin Bon (Church of the Incarnation, South Austin) and Justin Yawn (St. Luke’s on the Lake, Lake Travis). The podcast is available online at https://lit.captivate.fm/. You can subscribe to the Lit podcast on Apple by following this link, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lit/id1531001120. 

You will need the following:

    • A Book of Common Prayer (1979)
    • A device to use for listening to the podcast
    • A notebook for writing your thoughts, questions, and insights

Here are the (tentative) dates and topics for the fall term

You are what you love: How praying shapes discipleship in the liturgical tradition

Hakuna Matata: The (liturgical) circle of life

    • October 11 – It’s a party! The lectionary and Holy Days
    • October 18 – How would Jesus pray? The Psalter
    • October 25 – Collects and Prayers. What do we say when we want to talk to God?
      Sunday School Workshop: How to write a Collect, in preparation for writing Collects for our Election Day Prayer Vigil for Unity
    • November 1 – The church year, calendar of feasts, fasts, devotions. Why do we have so many holidays? Why feast? Why fast?

Pray Erday: How to shape a daily habit of prayer so you can pray even when you don’t feel like it

    • November 8 – The Daily Office breakdown
    • November 15 – Morning Prayer and a cup of coffee!
    • November 22 – Evening Prayer is the happiest hour of the day!
    • November 29 – Compline and Daily Devotions before you crash

There’s no emoji for that: How liturgy expresses the inexpressible

    • December 6 – The Great Litany, Prayers of the People, Decalogue, Penitential Order, and other long lists of the Church
    • December 13 – Prayers and Thanksgiving written by people who already know the right words
    • December 20 – Lessons and Carols, Tenebrae services, and other hidden gems of the Book of Common Prayer

Christmas Break

    • December 27 – No Sunday School
    • January 3 – No Sunday School

Sunday School resumes on January 10, 2021

Flipped Sunday School Fall Syllabus

Respectful Communication Guidelines

R = take RESPONSIBILITY for what you say and feel without blaming others.
E = use EMPATHETIC listening.
S = be SENSITIVE to differences in communication styles.
P = PONDER what you hear and feel before you speak.
E = EXAMINE your own assumptions and perceptions.
C = handle with CARE the confidences of others.
T = TRUST ambiguity because we are not here to debate who is right or wrong.

We will share using the tool of MUTUAL INVITATION. If you would like to share, you can use the “Raise Hand” function on Zoom.

  • Click on the Participants section, at the bottom of your screen.
  • Click on the small icon in the shape of a hand, labeled “Raise Hand”.

Or you can raise your hand on screen to indicate to the speaker that you’d like to share.

Please keep comments brief to allow others enough time to share, too.