Welcome to the season of Advent!

Church of the Incarnation has prepared this brief guide to illustrating scripture for the season of Advent using the practice of Lectio Divina and your holy imagination.

Illuminating Advent Guide

This guide is, ideally, meant to be used used within a community of faith, or with members of your household or other community. Others help us to see dimensions of faith that we haven’t experienced, ourselves, which has a lovely broadening effect on our spiritual lives. Not to mention, we are more likely to commit to a practice when we know others will be joining us. Together we can share and complement each other’s experiences of dwelling with God in scripture.

To that end, I invite you to join with the Incarnation community during Advent as we take up this practice together. Join us by Zoom on Wednesdays, December 9th and 16th, at 5:30pm, following our Evening Prayer service for a 45 minute immersive experience of praying with Holy Scripture. The meeting ID to join us is 259 606 859.

This guide can also be used for your personal spiritual practice during Advent. If using on your own, I encourage you to read the passages of scripture out loud at each step of the process so you can hear the words, in addition to reading them.

However you prepare yourself to welcome the Christ child as Christmas, I pray that you will be richly blessed as you await his coming.

Yours in Christ,