Meet our Priest

My name is Brin Bon, I’m the priest of Church of the Incarnation. If you had asked me, when I first started, why I accepted a job as a church planter, I would have given you a generic answer about responding to God’s call and said something about Jesus’s command to “make disciples of all nations.” That’s all true, but after a year of learning I have a much better idea of why I’m doing this.

Over the past year I have asked a lot of people a lot of questions. Questions of other pastors and church planters, questions of people who used to go to church but don’t anymore, and people who don’t even think about church. I’ve asked questions about the role of community in people’s lives, questions about people’s spiritual experiences, and questions to understand what people want from a church that they aren’t getting from one that already exists. And I’ve listened.

What I’ve heard is that people are hungry for connection, for community, and for a church that is willing to go deep. People have questions about God and Jesus, and they want to understand faith, not just blindly accept what they’re told. People want tools for exploring and practicing the faith they have, and they want to experience a relationship with God, not just “believe in” God. People want community.

Only after a year of questioning and listening do I understand why I accepted this call–it’s because I am hungry for these things, too. I want a church that feels like a community. I want to go deeper in my spiritual life. I want to know and love God, not just know “about” God. I want a group of people that I can practice my faith with, and I want to enjoy doing it. The Christian writer, Frederick Buechner, says that your vocation–the work you are called by God to do–is where the world’s greatest need meets your greatest passion. I’ve found a deeply satisfying, albeit challenging, vocation in starting a church for people, like me, who want deep spiritual community.

I bring to this ministry the practical realities of being a parent and partner, a priest in the Episcopal church, and a person who struggles with questions, doubts, and concerns about the “popular Christianity” that I often want to distance myself from while also yearning to devote myself to Christ. From this I know that life is chaotic, work is hard, church is complicated, and faith is something that we don’t just “have” but that we have to “practice” in order to experience.

When I’m not asking people questions about their faith life and religious background, I love recreating in the great outdoors, having fun and enjoying good food with friends, studying theology, writing, and being surrounded by my kids and husband. This year I decided to try out stand-up comedy which has been a good reminder to keep my day-job. My favorite authors are Kurt Vonnegut and Mark Twain. My favorite beer is the Electric Jellyfish. My favorite food is either a chili cheese dog or breakfast hash smothered in green chili. I love all tacos. And I took Third Place in a skillet toss contest at the 2012 county fair in Orange, CT. I run, but not very fast.

Our Community Builders

Check back soon to learn more about the Incarnation Community Builders, our church’s first members and the spiritual leaders of our community.