Will you consider becoming one of the first members of Church of the Incarnation?

January 2020
Dear Friends of Incarnation,
I’m writing with an exciting update about the status of Church of the Incarnation, as well as an invitation for you to participate in our future.
Just to recap, a group of about a dozen folks have been meeting weekly for House Church since September. We’ve prayed together, begun adopting a common Rule of Life, shared our spiritual autobiographies, and had our first annual Christmas Eve Evensong and potluck, which was a great celebration!
With each gathering, every spiritual conversation, and all our prayers, Church of the Incarnation is being animated and brought to life, and we are creating the deep spiritual community to which we originally aspired. We’ve created a genuine fellowship with each other in Christ.
Incarnation is a community that loves to share a meal! Our first church cookbook will be out later this year 😉 
Having established ourselves as a new community, we have discerned that we are ready to move toward offering Church of the Incarnation to all of South Austin through public worship early this year. We are also asking the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas to officially recognize us as “Diocesan Fellowship,” which gives us an institutional identity that will help us establish ourselves as a permanent ministry in the larger community (see letter below).
Now I’m asking you to prayerfully consider being a part of Incarnation’s future. If you are excited about Church of the Incarnation and the deep spiritual community that we are preparing to offer in South Austin—and especially if Incarnation might become your spiritual home—will you consider signing our letter of request asking Bishop Andy Doyle to recognize us as a fellowship? Moreover, will you consider becoming one of the first members of Church of the Incarnation once we are ready to begin public worship?
If you are contemplating either of these bold requests, I’d love to talk to you more. Please contact me at your convenience at brin@incarnationatx.org. We would like to collect as many signatures of support as we can by the end of January.
Yours in Christ,

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