Go Deeper With Your Spiritual Life This Year

The New Year offers many of us a time to think about what we really want in our lives. It brings new hopes and desires to our attention as we set our intentions for who we want to be in the year ahead. The desire to do or be something new, to start fresh or even start all over again, is often the first step in a renewed spiritual journey.

As Christians we believe that everyone is already on a spiritual journey, but sometimes something happens that reminds us to take stock of where we are on that path. The New Year is often this kind of catalyst. As St. Benedict said, “Always we begin again,” acknowledging that we can start again as many times as we need to as we move deeper into relationship with God–God will be there by our side every time.

I think this icon of St. Benedict looks an awful lot like Willie Nelson, but maybe that’s just because I live in Austin.

This year I encourage you to take the next step of going deeper in relationship with God by tending to your own spiritual vitality. Regardless of whether you’ve never thought about having a “relationship with God” (that sounded weird to me for a long time) or you have a steady faith and a regular habit of spiritual practice (something I’m still striving toward), we all begin again when we chose to grow in our relationship with God. So don’t worry about where you are as you start, but instead think about where you want to be and how you want to get there.

Here’s an exercise to help:

Take 15 minutes and write down all of your thoughts about what a vibrant and life-giving spiritual life might look like. Draw a picture or write in colored markers! Make your vision come to life as you imagine what would be included if your spiritual life was really meaningful to you. What would it feel like? What practices would make it come to life? Grab some supplies, set a timer, and capture as much as you can on your page for at least 15 minutes.

illustration png from pngtree.com

What comes up for you as you do this exercise? What does a vibrant spiritual life look like? What do you want to help with your journey? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or get in touch. It’s what we’re here for.


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